FSHS Sponsors

Sponsor our organization and network with other horticultural professionals in Florida! The FSHS welcomes sponsors for it’s annual meeting. If you’re interested in being an FSHS sponsor, please contact Dr. Gene McAvoy at [email protected] for an explanatory letter.

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FSHS Incentive Program

The support of sponsors is essential to the financial well-being of the Florida State Horticultural Society. 
Our sponsors help support awards, student travel and in general help underwrite the cost of running the society so that the Board can keep membership and annual meeting registration reasonable.

FSHS Annual Sponsorship Categories

Bronze:  $250

Silver:  $500

Gold:  $1000

Platinum:  $2000

Diamond:  $5000

Our FSHS membership represents a wide range of interests, and you may have friends, colleagues or former school mates who may now be in a position to become an FSHS sponsor.  If you successfully recruit a new sponsor, you will receive the following incentive.

Sponsorship Level

Bronze:  $25 credit toward registration or member dues

Silver:  $50 credit toward registration or member dues

Gold:  $100 credit toward registration or member dues

Platinum:  $200 credit toward registration or member dues

Diamond:  $500 credit toward registration or member dues

We look forward to hearing from you on potential new sponsorship opportunities.  If you would like to simply pass on their name and contact information and if we are successful in bringing them on board as a sponsor you will receive the sponsorship incentive, or you can take the initiative to approach them yourself.  

Please direct inquiries to: 
Gene McAvoy at [email protected]