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Disclaimer: Jobs for external organizations and to volunteer with the FSHS are posted solely as a courtesy for currently active FSHS members only. FSHS has no obligation or responsibility toward accuracy, follow-up or any kind of employer-candidate communication, event or relationship other than simply posting the job announcement as provided to FSHS on this jobs web page. The entire responsibility for contact, follow-up and eventual position are solely with the announcer and candidate.

Jobs at the University of Florida GO TO UF-IFAS JOBS

This University of Florida-IFAS jobs page is linked as a courtesy to FSHS website visitors. FSHS has no authority or ability to address questions related to any content appearing on the UF site. Please direct those questions to directly to the University.

Not all current TEAMS vacancies will be listed on the UF page. Positions are posted as pdf files. To apply for TEAMS positions, please visit