Instructions for Authors

General Information for Papers, Scientific Notes and Abstracts with a doi or other link to the full manuscript.

  • Papers
  • Scientific Notes
  • Abstracts of refereed papers with a doi
  • Abstracts of papers with a link to the full manuscript

Page charges for 2024 Proceedings:

  • $80 fee for abstract submission and first published page
  • $80 per additional published page

When your abstract has been submitted, you will receive an invoice for the abstract fee (along with payment instructions). Your paper will not be included in the meeting program until payment has been made.

For papers longer than one published page, you will be invoiced for additional page charges when the proceedings are published.

General Information for All Papers and Scientific Notes

Please use the following conventions when preparing your paper, scientific note, abstract of a refereed paper with a doi[1], or abstract of a paper with a link to the full manuscript1:

  1. Use a filename that corresponds to your paper number (Section-paper #) plus your last name. (e.g. V-35 Lamberts [this is for paper #35 in the Vegetable section)
  2. Submit manuscripts in Word.
  3. Use Times New Roman 12 pt, with double or 1.5 spacing between lines
  4. Do not use line numbering, multiple columns or page numbers
  5. Please consult: FSHS Paper with examples for papers or FSHS Scientific Notes Instructions for Scientific Notes.
  6. Place all tables and figures at the very end of the document or in one or more separate files with the same filename as your paper (V-35 Lamberts Tables; V-35 Lamberts Fig 1; V-35 Lamberts Fig 2, etc.). Make sure words, numbers, etc in figures are large enough to read easily.
  7. Consult the FSHS Literature Cited Chart for detailed examples showing the correct formatting. This is a complete revision.
  8. Before submitting your manuscript, please check to make sure that (a) all references cited in the paper have a complete citation in the Literature Cited and (b) all references listed in the Literature Cited are actually cited in the paper.
  9. Email your completed paper to the Editor ([email protected]) and copy the sectional vice president for your section.

[1] Please put the following at as footnote: “The link to the full paper can be found at (doi or link).”