Agritourism  - New Section at the FSHS

Dear FSHS members,

I am excited to announce the new Agritourism (and alternative enterprises)  which will be launched at the FSHS Annual meeting this year in Orlando.

Agritourism combines Florida’s two largest industries – tourism and agriculture – and allows farmers to create opportunities for additional income by opening their farms and agricultural operations to the general public, who are more interested than ever in learning where their food comes from, and the technological advancements behind producing that food. Additional revenue generated by agritourism can allow a farm to increase its economic viability and stay in business.

The FSHS agritourism section seeks to (1) share recent research findings in disciplines involved in agritourism (including plan production, animal production, food science and food safety, digital communication, hospitality management), (2) present successful Extension programs in agritourism, (3) contribute to the proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society to advance Florida horticulture, and (4) advance and develop of agritourism sciences.

Papers are currently being solicited, deadline is March 31th.

The abstract limit is 250 words excluding titles and affiliations. Abstracts should be submitted at the FSHS website. For complete format instructions for abstract and manuscript preparation (  As with other sections, submission of a paper by presenters is mandatory, but unlike the other sections it is anticipated that most papers submitted to the will mostly likely be a short scientific note (1 printed page or less). The scientific note can be a research study or a case study. Case studies are different from formal scientific studies in that they describe something that somebody did, as opposed to introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion.  Both case studies and research papers can be presented as papers (several printed pages in length) or scientific notes (one printed page or less), depending on their length.

Please direct inquiries regarding the agritourism section to Gene McAvoy Section VP.